Collaborations and IP

Scientific and Clinical Collaborations

BioAegis has established collaborations with a number of leading investigators. These collaborations enhance the ability to recognize additional commercial opportunities, extend the research effort that is ongoing in its own laboratory, and refine and drive current programs forward. Following are some of our current collaborative institutions:

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BioAegis welcomes additional collaborations aligned with our strategic focus to save lives and reduce the negative outcomes of infectious and inflammatory disease.

Intellectual Property

BioAegis holds broad exclusive worldwide patent rights from Harvard Medical School/The Brigham and Women’s Hospital and extensive knowhow supporting commercialization of pGSN diagnostics and therapeutics in inflammation, infection, renal disease, neurological disease and other areas.

The patent estate includes 30 granted patents and 28 pending patents filed worldwide including coverage in major markets throughout the world, including the U.S., European countries, Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Canada, and Australia. BioAegis continues to file on new inventions.