BioAegis’ vision is to create a new immunotherapy treatment paradigm to address the challenges of inflammation and infectious disease by harnessing the body’s innate immune system.


BioAegis Therapeutics Inc. is a clinical stage company commercializing groundbreaking medical discoveries in inflammation and infection. Building upon IP and know-how licensed from Harvard Medical School, the company is developing a portfolio of products based on biomarker-driven repletion of the highly conserved, abundant human protein plasma gelsolin (pGSN). pGSN is a key component of innate immunity which modulates and localizes inflammation while boosting the body’s defense against a wide variety of pathogens. The body’s natural reservoir of plasma gelsolin keeps inflammation local at the site of injury, while its deficiency leads to inflammatory dysregulation and enhanced susceptibility to infection. This leads to catastrophic consequences such as acute organ failure, as well as poor outcomes due to chronic inflammation. Depletion of the protein is predictive of poor outcomes and is highly correlated to the extent of disease or injury, while restoration improves morbidity and mortality in a myriad of chronic and acute inflammatory conditions.

The company’s lead program is in Phase 2, targeting Severe Community-Acquired Pneumonia patients admitted to the ICU. Subsequent products in development will address both chronic and acute indications, including selective orphan diseases.