Patents Granted for Renal Failure in Japan and Inflammation in Korea

BOSTON MASSACHUSSETTS and MORRISTOWN, NEW JERSEY–(BIOAEGIS THERAPEUTICS – September, 2015) BioAegis Therapeutics announced today patents were recently granted covering plasma gelsolin uses for renal failure in Japan and inflammation in Korea. Further applications in jurisdictions in Asia are also pending.

NIAID Anticipates Funding Host-Based Approaches to Antimicrobial Resistance

BOSTON, MASSACHUSSETTS and MORRISTOWN, NEW JERSEY–(BIOAEGIS THERAPEUTICS – August 15, 2015) BioAegis Therapeutics announces that it has met with representatives from The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and The Biomedical Advanced Research Development Agency (BARDA) to discuss plasma gelsolin’s role in in combatting antibiotic resistance. The meeting was prompted by a recent National Action Plan sponsored by the White House to slow the emergence of resistant bacteria and prevent the spread of resistant infections. Plasma gelsolin offers a unique approach to solving this enormous threat to public health by using a host-based approach–empowering the body’s immune system to combat both bacterial and viral threats, especially where current therapies fail.

Despite rigorous, contemporary methodology, pathogens are not identified in the majority of CAP cases. In addition, viruses play a role greater than previously recognized and were detected almost twice as frequently as bacteria. This study indicates a need for a host-based approach which does not depend on a specific pathogen, such as BioAegis’ plasma gelsolin program. The BioAegis team has embarked on a study with some of the EPIC investigators to study the significance of gelsolin levels at CAP presentation.

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Dr. Lester Kobzik, Professor of Medicine, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Publishes: Plasma gelsolin improves lung host defense against pneumonia by enhancing macrophage NOS3 function. This major plasma gelsolin advancement was published in May in Journal of American Physiology—Lung, Cellular and Molecular Physiology.

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Company Enters into Collaborative Research Agreement with NIAID and Company to Run Phase 2a/b Trials in EU
BioAegis Therapeutics Inc., a privately held biotechnology company commercializing plasma gelsolin (pGSN), an endogenous human protein that simultaneously modulates inflammation and boosts immune function announced that its recently closed convertible note round was oversubscribed by investors.

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