Plans Phase 2b/3 Trial for Biologic in Prevention of Organ Dysfunction in ICU

BOSTON MASSACHUSSETTS and MORRISTOWN, NEW JERSEY–(BIOAEGIS THERAPEUTICS – February 7, 2013) BioAegis Therapeutics announced today that it completed it’s initial $3MM convertible note round to fund the companies operating activites in its effort to commercialize groundbreaking discoveries as to plasma gelsolin’s (pGSN) biological role in inflammation and infection. pGSN is the 4th most abundant protein in plasma and is highly conserved. Its depletion is highly predictive of adverse outcomes while its repletion in numerous animal models has been shown to prevent morbidity and mortality.

Advisors Engaged to Advance Biomarker-Driven Clinical Program

BOSTON MASSACHUSSETTS and MORRISTOWN, NEW JERSEY–(BIOAEGIS THERAPEUTICS – January 15, 2013) BioAegis Therapeutics announced that it has assembled a Critical Care Clinical Advisory Board comprised of world-recognized, highly experienced key opinion leaders. Initial members are:
Derek Angus, M.D., Professor and Chair, Critical Care Medicine and Professor, Medicine and Health Policy and Management, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Atul Malhotra, M.D.,Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School. Secretary-
Treasurer American Thoracic Society (2015-16 President)
Steven Opal, M.D.. Professor of Medicine, Brown University School of Medicine; Chief, Infectious Disease Division, Memorial Hospital of RI
B. Taylor Thompson, M.D., Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Director, Medical Intensive Care Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital

BOSTON MASSACHUSSETTS and MORRISTOWN, NEW JERSEY–(BIOAEGIS THERAPEUTICS – November 10, 2012) Pursuant to the terms of the agreement with the Brigham and Women’s Hospital previously announced on May 11, 2011, BioAegis Therapeutics elected to exercise its option into an exclusive license to recombinant human plasma gelsolin technology.

BioAegis’ Patent Coverage Expands to Asia

Recombinant human plasma gelsolin has demonstrated efficacy against both gram positive and gram negative bacteria and this broad patent filing was recently granted in China. BioAegis is pursuing worldwide patent filings for infectious disease.

BOSTON MASSACHUSSETTS and MORRISTOWN, NEW JERSEY–(BIOAEGIS THERAPEUTICS – August 30, 2012) Lester Kobzik M.D., BioAegis Scientific Advisor and collaborator from Harvard School of Public Health, has made important medical discoveries about plasma gelsolin’s role in boosting immune function to target a broad range of pathogens. Dr. Kobzik is pursuing work in secondary pneumonia under a $1 million NIH grant to support advancement of our plasma gelsolin work.